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Please call me at 412-572-4873. As our voice communication devices may have less than optimal acoustic quality, I ask callers to speak slowly/deliberately.

If I am unable to come to the phone, please leave me a message with your phone number(s) and times when you can be reached.  I will return your call as soon as I can, no later than within 24 hours!

Important!  When I return your call, you may notice your device's screen says 'restricted number.'  If I am calling from a phone that may be answered by another person, I am required to protect all potential client's privacy by restricting that number.  So please pick it up as that may be the return call you are expecting.

If you need to speak with me urgently, you may call the answering service number I provide over the phone.  As I will return the call as soon as I can, again please be mindful it may say 'restricted number' on your device.

Thank you for your patience with this process!  Doug Schiller, Ph.D.

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